czwartek, 18 lutego 2016

Tato Mu i Codiego Fritz Lee w pracy

Tatuś Mu i Codiego z miotu C Bugari - Fritz Lee - The Dream of Wanambi Blue Monday podczas pracy - znalazl i oznacza drzewo z zapachem  szkodnika chrząszcza azjatyckiego  - Asian longhorned beetle.
Tutaj jest strona z jego stroną jako psem na liście Anoplophora Spürhunde Schweiz® 

Podczas egzaminu / During the exam

niedziela, 14 lutego 2016

Shadow 2xCAC i Zwycięzca Rasy

Emotikon smile
Gratulacje dla Pauliny Guz za zdobycie 2 ocen doskonałych, wniosków na Championa Polski CAC i tytułów Zwycięzca Rasy z Shadow - Born To Fly Bugari na bydgoskich wystawach walentynkowych!!! 

 Film z pierwszego dnia / Movie from the ring
Film z drugiego dnia / Movie from the ring day 2

Film z BIS drugiego dnia/ Movie from the finals

Congratulations to Paulina Guz for winning 2x excellent notes, CACs and BOBs over on Valentine's Dog Shows in Bydgoszcz with our co-owned frisbee girl Shadow- Born To Fly Bugari .

poniedziałek, 1 lutego 2016

Alli in Novartis heart commercial 'Keep It Pumping' !!!

Alli - Allied Intelligence Bugari - owned by Loren c. Manzell acted in TV Commercial of Novartis pills for heart failures treatment "Keep It Pumping".
She did very well and I am proud how good girl she is! Well done Alli and Loren!
Here is the TV spot to watch!!!

Alli - Allied Intelligence Bugari, której właścicielem jest Loren c. Manzell wystąpiła w telewizyjnej reklamie lekarstw firmy Novartis na serce w ramach kampani "Keep It Pumping".
Alli świetnie się spisała - jestem z niej dumna! Brawo Alli i Loren! 
Proszę koniecznie zobaczyć reklamę :) Alli to siostra Guerry, córka Pirata i Roxy.

Loren C. Manzell Originally, Alli was supposed to wait, and when cued, climb on to the back of the couch. Then it was changed that Alli was to wait, and when cued, walk on the arm rest as she did here. Then it was changed that she was to wait, and when cued, walk just before the arm rest and stop. It is funny how they used the second.

This was a very scary set! She recovered quickly and went to work, only trying to escape once. They said, "We heard she likes water." I said, "You are not asking her to swim, you are asking her to stay still and be calm while she thinks she will drown." Give her some time and she will understand that she is safe for work." Directors were excellent and gave me what I needed.

The water after many shots, came up much much higher than it did here. Sometimes almost up to her shoulders. It covered  a bit more than half of the male actor's news paper.
It was very noisy, with 4 men lowering and raising the set on chains. The set, couch, other furniture and other set dressings, bubbled, the set sometimes shook and sometimes was crooked.
Occasionally they used a machine to lift the set out of the water. This machine made the set very shaky, too. Often I had to secure myself so I would not fall or float.
Loren C. Manzell They added dog sounds. These are NOT Alli moaning. It was 2 days of long hard work. She was a very, very good girl.

Though I knew we were going dunking, I was surprised by the noises. But I did not say anything to Alli. I stayed by her during a few initial lowerings into the water and we both acclimated. She is a good strong minded girl with lots of recovery.

Loren C. Manzell Alli was not allowed to jump in the water.She did try to swim out of it once, especially after the frightening noises that the chains, shaking set, bubbles and water made.
She had to hold her mark and walk to the next mark on this very noisy, bubbly and shaky set. Sometimes the water came up to almost her withers.
They gave me a little time to get her through worries. But she trusts me and and is a very talented, clear thinking working dog.